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Yes, we accept all forms of Visa/MC up to $1000. Anything over this has a 3% processing charge for accounting purposes..

No, we collect tax here on your purchase and we handle the transfer at SNB. All we need is your name, Driver License # and a valid insurance card to do the transfer.

Yes, but we charge $50 for name changes and we need copies of their driver’s license and insurance. They also need to sign the bill of sale.

By all means, bring a mechanic, we encourage it! Just remember, they still can’t drive the vehicle.

Absolutely! Any vehicle that didn’t sell can be purchased off the lot Thursday or Friday.

You can come any day during the week, but we will have the majority of the vehicles on our lot Wednesday afternoon. Also check out our vehicles on our website, they are uploaded as soon as they arrive on our lot.

You can drive away with your new vehicle almost immediately! All we need is a copy of valid auto insurance in your name, and of course the vehicle is paid for in full!

A $500 down payment is required for each vehicle purchased on the day you purchase the vehicle. The balance can be paid by close of business day the following day.

For Selling – Bring your vehicle to TGNA any day prior to the sale Wed at 6pm. Bring the original title and more if more than one owner, set a reserve price ( We can help you with that). The vehicle will not sell less then your reserve, we will always call and give you the choice to sell or not. It will cost $50 to run the vehicle if not sold, or a set sell fee to sell and the run fee will be waived. The buyer cannot take the vehicle from our lot until it’s paid and we have proof of insurance. Your check will be ready on Monday, it’s that easy!

We get them from all over the Maritimes from other public, small dealers, large dealerships, new stores, bank repos and lease companies.

Our business hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. So no weekends, sorry.

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